High Dollar Affiliate Programs – Get A Piece of the Pie

High Dollar Affiliate Programs - Get a Piece of the Pie!Affiliate Marketing is when you get a reward for making a sale on behalf of another merchant or referring a customer/client to another merchant. The reward can be monetary or in kind. In-kind rewards include computers, televisions, iPods, trips, cars, motorcycles, Kindles, tickets to special events and more.

And affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, especially if you promote high-ticket items. After all, would you prefer to be paid $10 or $100? Or would you prefer to be paid $100 or $1,000? Affiliate commissions of $1,000 and even more are possible. There’s a coaching program that currently sells for $15,000 and pays a $5,000 commission.

Imagine making even just one of those sales a month! And, as indicated, you don’t even always have to sell something.

But one of the difficulties lies in finding the right affiliate programs and knowing what to promote. For instance, some affiliate programs only offer rewards for a limited period of time such as a 30 day period which means that if you introduce someone to a merchant and then they make a purchase after 30 days you won’t receive any reward for your effort.

The other thing to take into account is that you can become an affiliate of a wide range of items. In fact, just think about the many things you buy as a consumer. Most of the merchants that sell these products/services probably have some sort of an affiliate program.

Naturally, in most cases you can’t profit as an affiliate from your own purchases. However, other folks are also purchasing the items you purchase and you could potentially earn a reward/commission on those purchases and the beauty is the buyer doesn’t have to pay a penny more for their purchase.

I’ve just been looking over a new course by The Net Results. It’s 25 videos that cover the basics of affiliate marketing, the genres of affiliate programs, and high-commission networks you can join free.  The videos are concise and allow you to overview each website and affiliate program that is highlighted in the various niches that are presented and because the videos are broken down according to topic or niche you can select the videos that you want to watch instead of sitting through one long video.

It is accompanied by an 89 page guide that adds to the genres included in the videos. You’ll see multiple affiliate programs in markets like:

dog food
grooming supplies,
private jets
…and more!

You’ll see 19 high-paying affiliate markets.

High Dollar Affiliate Programs

And for all these markets, you get a list of the different affiliate programs, each one’s payment details, i.e. how and when they pay; pay-out schedules (how much they pay); and direct links to both the website and affiliate sign-up pages.

This will save you loads of research time.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra income to either supplement your existing income or even replace your existing income and it’s fun receiving income from multiple sources on a regular basis – even as you sleep.

It’s just $7 this weekend plus you’ll gain access to a 90 minute webinar titled “Live The Dream Life As An Affiliate” with two affiliate marketers who regularly earn $500,000 per year or more in affiliate commissions.

As usual, this product comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

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High Dollar Affiliate Programs

You’ll learn how to profit from boat rentals, loan payments, medical tourism trips, and so much more.