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Get Rich Click - Get $500 AdvertisingGet Rich Click! The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet” by Marc Ostrofsky is one of the books I’m currently reading on my Kindle. I first heard about Marc Ostrofsky via two other bestselling authors – Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen. They hosted a fascinating teleseminar with him during which he mentioned that his book “Get Rich Click!” was soon to be published.

This book has become a New York Times Bestseller, plus it was #1 at Barnes and Noble, #1 in the Wall Street Journal, and #1 in USA Today! That’s very impressive, wouldn’t you say?

Marc Ostrosfsky has some amazing personal success stories. He was one of the first individuals who understood the power of domain names. He regards them as virtual real estate and he has made a lot of money from buying and selling domain names. For instance he sold the domain name for a Guinness Book of World Record price of $7.5 Million.

And, when he sold the domain he was shrewd enough to ask for a percentage ownership in so, should the domain be sold he would receive a percentage of the sale. was sold for $345 Million and Marc again received another very healthy payout.

He started online with $5000 and while some Internet marketing gurus started with even less now his Internet firms gross over $75 Million a YEAR. In other words, he’s operating in a different league to even many of the top Internet marketers out there.

So wouldn’t you like to know just how someone who earns $75 Million online thinks?

Well, the book Get Rich Click! give you the unique opportunity to do just that. And the individuals who are endorsing this book represent the who’s who of Internet marketing, personal development, business management and publishing – Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, David Bach, Brian Tracy, Joel Comm, Bill Walsh, Mike Koenigs, Keith Ferrazi, Mike Filsaime, Robert Allen, Anthony Morrison, Mark Victor Hansen, and others.

The good news is that when you buy a copy of Get Rich Click! you can get some awesome bonuses.

The amount of useful information in this book is outstanding. There are hundreds of different ways to make money online. You will learn how people and businesses make money with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube. You will learn how to make money in the domain name business, in the information marketing business and in the affiliate marketing space. Plus you’ll discover how Marc’s own companies make $75 Million a year and how others make money online. You will read a variety of case studies on how others make money online and my favorite chapter, how to make money starting with no money!

The book is chuck-full of actionable content yet Marc is still throwing in bonuses!

BONUS 1: A free copy of his “The A to Z Rules of Online Success” (normally $19.95)

BONUS 2: Over $500 in Internet advertising (places like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.)

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