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Zero Cost Marketing SecretsWhat if you could slash your marketing costs to zero?

For many marketers, one of the barriers to getting started is money. Yes, it doesn’t cost much to get started online but ongoing marketing costs can really add up. And while you probably know of some free services I bet you’ve also been burnt by trying out some of these services as well when they didn’t amount to what you expected.

So what if you had at your disposal a list of high-quality, reliable free tools that you could use to market your business? Would this be something of interest to you?

Well there’s a special webinar on Saturday 19 January that will reveal how you can can reduce your marketing costs to zero. During this FREE webinar Dan Hollings, “The Czar of Zero Cost” will be sharing how you can gain FREE access to a 4-session program called Zero Cost Marketing Secrets that he beta-tested during mid-2012 to a select group of 700 individuals.

This 10-hour training program is valued at $534.

And participants of this program were participants were able to drop their marketing costs to zero immediately after learning Dan’s Secrets of Zero.

In addition, during this webinar he’ll also delve deeper into this mind-blowing topic by showing you how you can make money perpetually in 2013 (without spending a dime). He calls this concept PERPETUAL ZERO.

You may be thinking that this sounds too good to be true but Dan Hollings has earned millions of dollars doing just this. It’ll cost you nothing to attend and if all you gained were a few tips on how to at least reduce your marketing costs wouldn’t that be something of enormous value to your business.

How much money are you currently spending, month after month just to keep your business afloat, not to mention additional marketing costs to promote your business? What would it mean to your bottom line to be able to cut back on these expenses and still grow your business?

Click the link below to sign up for this Zero Cost Marketing Webinar:

Zero Cost Marketing Secrets Webinar

Watch video below to for a review of the Zero Cost Marketing Desk Reference:

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  1. PIMS Team says:

    The replay to this webinar is now available but only until year end. Both the presentation and content were awesome! Simply click the link below to watch this replay:

    Zero Cost Marketing Webinar Replay