Free Webinar Teaches How to Build Profitable Websites Using Blog Curation

Screenshot of the Huffington Post - Prime Example of Blog CurationI’ve just watched an eye-opening webinar about the profitability of blog curation.

Now, please don’t confuse blog curation with autoblogging. I know that a lot of people have made a killing with autoblogging but I was never a fan.

I didn’t think it was a sustainable business model. I thought to myself that sooner or later the search engines would develop a logarithm that would spell the demise of autoblogging, i.e. blogs that scrape content from various other sites to build their content.

Google, for instance, simply focuses on the original source of the content. And, if your blog is seen to have no original content then it’s effectively curtains for your web site.

Yet, Google loves sites such as the Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, and Drudge Retort.

You may be familiar with the Huffington Post – it’s essentially a website about the latest news stories and so is certainly not all original content.

The Perez Hilton website is about celebrity gossip and rumours and the Drudge Retort is merely a collection of links.

And the following highlights just how profitable these types of blogs can be…

Ariana Huffington will soon be celebrating the anniversary of the sale of the Huffington Post which she sold in to AOL in February 2011 blog for 315 MILLION dollars of which she took home 300 MILLION in cash, 15 MILLION in shares. In addition, she agreed to continue to run the Huffington Post for a salary of 4 million dollars.

Bearing in mind that the Huffington Post was started on a shoestring budget – this is a truly remarkable outcome.

The sale to AOL marks a personal triumph for Huffington, the colourful and controversial co-founder of the site that bore her name, who under the terms of the deal is given a new role as president and editor in chief of a unit to be named Huffington Post Media Group, and includes management of AOL’s sprawling news operations and other media enterprises such as TechCrunch and MapQuest.
Source: The Guardian – Huffington Post sold to AOL for $315m

When you watch the webinar you’ll be able to see other examples of highly profitable websites that use the blog curation method and you’ll learn the key elements to creating such blogs. The techniques used are all completely white hat and so you don’t have to worry about creating something that could go up in smoke later down the line. You can use these techniques to create your own successful online business.