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Mobile Success Formula - 90 Percent OffOn 03 February 2012, expert Mobile Marketing strategist Dan Hollings will be hosting a free webinar on mobile marketing.

I’ve attended webinars hosted by Dan Hollings in the past and they’ve all been packed with content. He’s a marketer who is really passionate about marketing in general but when he decides to become an expert in a particular niche such as Twitter marketing or mobile marketing he does exactly that.

So, who is this webinar ideal for?  If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or marketer then this website is for you and here’s an outline of some of the material that will be covered in this webinar.

~ How to re-coop hidden mobile traffic you already have and turn it into cash traffic.

~ How to set up a mobile site or landing page in under 30 minutes without any programming.

~ How to build a mobile list of buyers FAST and get 95% open rates.

~ How to drive not just online traffic but foot traffic, text message traffic and 2-D barcode traffic with the snap of a mobile camera.

~ How to effectively integrate mobile into everything you do so you can maximize your traffic.

~ How to optimize your mobile pages for traffic using Mobile SEO strategies.

~ How to drive 1 cent traffic to your sites from top mobile networks.

~ How to convert mobile traffic into sales and reap the low hanging fruit of mCommerce.

~ Why Mobile Marketing is no longer optional.

So, what’s the catch?

There is none.

I really should have written:

“What’s the prize?”

You see Dan Hollings has a very comprehensive program called Mobile Success Formula which he sells for $497. Well during the webinar you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase this program at a 90% discount, i.e. you’ll be able to purchase this course for just $49.

Now that is a real prize. I haven’t purchased Dan Hollings program yet, as I mentioned I’m just getting started with mobile marketing but I can’t wait to purchase this course. And I’m not going to miss an opportunity to purchase this course at such a low price.

So do join me on this webinar. It’ll be a great learning experience and loads of fun. Click the link below to register for this webinar today.

FREE Mobile Marketing Webinar

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