FREE Webinar – How to Create an Info Product in 2 Hours or Less

Jason Fladlien will be hosting a FREE Info Product Creation Webinar on Tuesday 28 September at 7:30pm EST.

Jason Fladlien, a former monk, is a highly successful Internet marketer who has literally gone from obscurity to expert status in less than three years. This year he’s on track to earn 7 figures, i.e. over a million dollars online. And what’s more he just has one main assistant.

He has a reputation of delivering content-rich webinars and can be somewhat controversial as well. He’s not afraid to fly in the face of conventional wisdom and is quite out-spoken.

In this free webinar Jason Fladlien will share the techniques he used to create 26 products in less than 6 months. And he will reveal how you can create your own info-products in the time it takes for the sand to filter through the hourglass on the left twice or less.  And then, more importantlyhe will reveal the secret to selling hundreds or even thousands of copies of your info product.  The beauty is that once you’ve done this successfully once you simply repeat the process until you have multiple info products providing you with multiple streams of income month after month.

Plus he’s going to reveal the exact model that one of his students used to go from zero to earning more than $10,000 in less than three weeks.

To register for this special webinar simply visit the URL below:

FREE Info Product Creation Webinar

Attendees of the webinar will receive an extra free gift just for showing up.