Free Payday Webinar on Mobile Marketing with Dan Hollings – Mobile Success Formula

Mobile Success Formula Payday WebinarOn 03 February 2012, expert Mobile Marketing Strategist, Dan Hollings, will be hosting a free webinar titled “Mobile Success Formula” which is also the name of a very popular program create by this mobile marketing expert.

Dan Hollings is an experienced entrepreneur, Internet Marketing consultant, Social Media consultant, trainer and web developer. He is the creator of the internet marketing strategy behind many big name companies, well known trainers, movies (e.g. the blockbuster “The Secret”) and even little known “ordinary” folk.

He offers innovative solutions for almost any key piece of an effective internet marketing strategy. In addition, he extends his strategy recommendations beyond the internet, optimizing the connections between online marketing, offline marketing and mobile marketing.

Individuals attending this webinar can expect to learn the following:

~ How to re-coop hidden mobile traffic you already have and turn it into cash traffic.

~ How to set up a mobile site or landing page in under 30 minutes without any programming.

~ How to build a mobile list of buyers FAST and get 95% open rates.

~ How to drive online traffic, foot traffic, text message traffic and 2-D barcode (QR code) traffic with the snap of a mobile camera.

~ How to effectively integrate mobile into everything you do so you can maximize your traffic.

~ How to optimize your mobile pages for traffic using Mobile SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

~ How to drive 1 cent traffic to your sites from top mobile networks.

~ How to convert mobile traffic into sales and reap the low hanging fruit of mCommerce

~ Why Mobile Marketing is now a must whether you operate an online or offline business.

This “Mobile Success Formula” webinar is the first in a series of regular “Payday Webinars” – webinars where attendees will be paid ten (10) Gangster Bucks to attend. Gangster Bucks is a virtual currency that can be used on Dan Hollings’ new website Daily Gangster.

The Daily Gangster is a website for business owners, marketing professionals, authors, entrepreneurs where they can access daily deals with discounts of up to 90% as well as gain access to high-quality free resources and learning tools, software tools, books, events and more. The idea behind Payday webinars is that attendees “earn to learn” – a flip-flop of the “learn to earn” idea.

To optimize the learning experience of those attending the webinar they will each be give an actionable infographic at the end of the webinar which will summarize in litersally eye-popping detail the “take aways” of each webinar.

Plus, in keeping with the spirit of the Daily Gangster website, at the end of the webinar attendees will also have the the opportunity to purchase the Mobile Success Formula at 90% discount. Mobile Success Formula currently retails at $497 and so webinar attendees will be able to purchase the program for a mere $49.

To register for the Mobile Success Formula Payday Webinar simply click the link below:

Mobile Success Formula Payday Webinar