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Here’s a summary of what’s included in the latest edition:

$995,000 in 90 Minutes” – discover how Armand Morin was able to earn this much income doing something for FREE – yes you read that right.  It’s a skill that can be learnt and he will be delivering a special training course in July where he will be teaching this highly lucrative skill.

How to Read Your Prospects Minds” – Imagine if you could tap into the minds of your prospects.  Can you see how profitable this could be for you – you’d be able to customise your product and or service so that it was ideal for them. This article by direct response copywriter, Ray Edwards reveals how you can read the minds of your prospects.

Stop Outsourcing and Start Taking Charge” – This appears to be rather controversial advice from the Success Chefs, Michel and Sylvie Fortin who point out that despite all the talk about outsourcing, especially recently, that outsourcing is not always as clear-cut as it is painted to be.  Also discover how you can get your hands on a list of 227 business tasks that you definitely should outsource.

The Not So New Kid On the Block” – Chris Howard discussed the importance of exemplary customer service and what you, as an entrepreneur, can do to ensure that you provide exemplary customer service.

The Truth About Free Information” – an interesting title given that it’s part of the content of a free newsletter.  Discover how you can really capitalise on free information.

Advertise Directly on Your Competitor’s Website” – syndicated newspaper columnist, Jim Edwards, reveals a step-by-step process to doing just this.

Email Marketing – Single Opt-In vs Double Opt-In” – Heather Seitz, cofounder of The Newsletter Formula, demystifies and weighs the pros and cons of single vs double opt-in.

The Financial Formula” – Attorney J.J. Childers reveals the most important financial formula that you must master in order to achieve financial success.

Audio is Where It’s At!” – This article really resonated with me because I love audio and here Armand Morin explains why you should be audio in your business and how you can make your recordings stand out.

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