Facebook Fan Page Creation

Facebook Fan Page WordPress PluginI recently wrote about WP Fan Pro – a WordPress theme (not a plugin) that enables you, using iFrames, to install a mini website within Facebook.  Some of the features/benefits of WP Fan Pro are that:

~ It’s easy to use;

~ It comes with some great Squeeze Pages that you can customize; and

~ It has the built-in facility to enable you to sell products via PayPal right on your Facebook Fan Page.

However, one of the drawbacks to WP Fan Pro is that you have to create a separate WordPress website.  This isn’t too arduous as you can simply take content from your main site for your separate Facebook Fan Page website.  And there are several scenarios where this is an advantage, but many would see this as a disadvantage especially if you can take your existing WordPress blog and simply select the posts and or pages that you want to display within Facebook.

And there are several plugins that can do just this with varying levels of sophistication and degrees of customization.  The best of the plugins that I’ve found to date is one by the Marketing Online Workshop and you can even watch a step-by-step tutorial on their website without making a purchase.  After watching the tutorial you’ll have a full appreciation of just how versatile this plugin is.

By why would you want to have your website on Facebook in the first place?  I once took it for granted that individuals would immediately get the value of this but when I was speaking to one of my offline clients about this I realized that this was an erroneous assumption as initially they didn’t see the value of having their organization’s website, or at least a version of their main website, directly on Facebook.

So here, briefly are a few reasons why this is invaluable…

Traffic Generation: When you create a website you have to be able to drive traffic to it and it can helps if you’re able to plant your website within an excellent source of traffic.

Customization: With your website on Facebook you have more options as to how you can create a distinct look and feel for your Facebook Fan Page and you can better customize the experience of someone visiting your Facebook Fan Page.

Versatility: You can do most of the things you can do with a normal WordPress website including playing videos, displaying slideshows, playing audios, etc.

Facebook Ads Savings: If you decide to run Facebook Ads you’ll find it far cheaper to direct individuals to a website page within Facebook than it is to direct them to an external website because naturally Facebook wants to keep its traffic within Facebook.  So you can save on advertising costs.

Build Your Mailing List: You can effectively build your mailing list by incorporating squeeze pages and while you can email your Fans directly from Facebook, it’s always good practice to have a separate mailing list of subscribers that you have full control over.

Mobile: A high percentage of individuals who use Facebook access the site via their Mobile phones.  Chances are that your main website is not mobile friendly.  However, users can view a mobile version of your website if it’s on Facebook.

So with all these great reasons to create a Facebook Fan Page or to spruce up your existing Facebook Fan Page check out:

Facebook Fan Page WordPress Plugin

And discover how you can place your website within Facebook in just 5 minutes!

WordPress in Facebook in Under 5 Minutes!