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Evergreen Business System - Automated Webinar Generator - Facebook Theme

With the Evergreen Business System Automated Webinar Generator it’s now possible to run your webinars directly from your Facebook Page.

The team at the Evergreen Business System have just released the Facebook Theme. This is a custom HTML template that embeds straight into your Facebook page.  There are five (5) other templates that users have access to plus users also have the option of using their own custom template:

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Now the ability to run webinars within Facebook is not new but the Evergreen Business System has been widely acknowledged as being the best automated webinar software on the market and this new feature further adds to its versatility.

There are many advantages of being able to run webinars within Facebook.

First of all, it’s a platform that its users generally trust. Therefore, individuals are often more willing to register for webinars on a facebook platform.

Then, there’s the added social aspect. If you’re watching a webinar within Facebook then you’re even more likely to spread the word about that particular webinar to your friends.

There are also cost benefits to having your webinar within Facebook. Many marketers use Facebook ads to promote their webinars. For instance, you may have seen advertisements for Frank Kern’s. Now Facebook, naturally, likes to keep its members within Facebook and so if your Facebook ad links to an external site then you will generally pay more for your ads than if your ad linked to a page within Facebook.

However, this latest feature is just one of many that make the Evergreen Business System an outstanding product. What’s more it’s very easy to use. The layout of the dashboard is logical and highly intuitive. Plus there are notes and videos to guide you along every step of the way. I’ve also found the customer support to be friendly and quick to respond to queries – although I haven’t encountered any technical problems as yet.

For a video that outlines all of the features of the Evergreen Business System click the button below:

Evergreen Business System - Automated Webinar Generator

Evergreen Business System Video