Mike Filsaime’s Evergreen Business System $300k Per Month Case Study

Mike Filsaime - Evergreen Business System
Last month Mike Filsaime spoke at Trey Smith’s Software Seminar in San Diego.  Attendees paid $2,700 to attend this event and so you know that these were individuals who were:

  1. Very serious about building their Internet business, and
  2. Only interested in hearing rock solid content.

On the latter Mike Filsaime did not disappoint.  He presented a case study of how  he has been using a special software system that he developed to earn $300k-$500k every month virtually on autopilot.

I’ve listened to this hour-long presentation (more than once) and was mightily impressed.  You see, what Mike Filsaime described in his presentation was an Evergreen Business System, i.e. his proprietary software, that can generate consistent income week after week, month after month.  A system that has all the tools you’ll need to optimize your results and a system that is easily replicated so you can steadily build your income.

It’s a system that allows you to create multiple streams of income in virtually any industry.

In this revealing presentation Mike Filsaime shares:

  1. How he makes as much as $24,000 in a single day using his Evergreen Business System.
  2. How he generates 125 Optins per day on Virtual Autopilot
  3. How to Automate Your Business with this Exclusive Powerful Software
  4. The Step-By-Step Items Needed to Put in Place To Make Your Sales Evergreen

…Plus much more!

The thing is originally Mike Filsaime didn’t intend to release this product to the marketplace.  He developed the software specifically to use within his own business.  However, when other business owners saw the software in action they were quick to see how it could benefit their business and asked Mike how they could access this system.  Two individuals paid him $10,000 to have the system installed – an investment which they have recouped.

And if you’re thinking that $10,000 is way out of your league – fear not.  These were two special cases and the software is very reasonably priced.  In fact, I was VERY pleasantly surprised.

However, even if you don’t want to purchase the software it’s worth watching this presentation.  It’s just an hour long and there’s no fluff.  Mike dives straight into the meat of his presentation.

Plus you can also download a FREE copy of a special report by Rich Schefren – “Evergreen Event-Driven Marketing” – valued at $47.  It was this report that provided Mike Filsaime with the impetus, and effectively a blueprint, to create his Evergreen Business System.

Click the link below now:

Evergreen Business System Case Study