Easy VSL Software Review

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EasyVSL is a new software tool to help you create video sales letter faster and easier.

With EasyVSL there are just 5 simple steps to creating your video sales letter:

Step 1 – Choose Between Creating Your Sales Letter within the software or copying and pasting the text version of a pre-written sales letter.

Step 2 – Choose Default Design.
You can choose the main font, color and slide design you want for your sales letter.

Step 3 – Choose where you want the software to create a new slide. This can be done by either using a keyboard shortcut or by clicking the “Add Splitting Mark” button.

Step 4 – Import your audio
The software makes it very easy to add and synchronize the audio of your sales letter to your slides.

Step 5 – Publish
This can take several minutes depending upon the length of your video and the resultant HD video is in an MP4.

You can add different slide animations, change the background design template, add images, format the text, etc. as you desire for individual slides. You can also add, delete and re-order the slides.

The thing is there are other software, both free and paid, that you can use to create video sales letters. The advantage that Easy VSL software has over the methods are:

~ The ease with which you can create slides especially if the text is already written;
~ The ease with which you can synchronize an audio file with your slides; and
~ The quality of the finished product.

Now can you use other software to create video sales letters? Of course you can. There are several free and paid software on the market that can help you do this. However, EasyVSL does generally make creating video sales letters faster and easier than other software I’ve tried. Also, since it simplifies synchronizing the audio of your sales letter with the slides it makes it easy to perhaps outsource the audio production.

Now it’s all well and good being able to create awesome looking video sales letters but your sales letter are not going to have high conversions if they are not well written and if you don’t have a great offer. Mark Thompson helps you overcome this by providing training and other resources (such as a mind map and a video sales letter template) on how to write a high-converting video sales letter.

However, you don’t need to create your own video sales letters to benefit from this software. There are other ways in which you can benefit. One obvious way to benefit from EasyVSL is to create VSLs for clients. You can also use the software to create high quality article videos. If you’re an author you can create a video presentation of a chapter or part of a chapter as a teaser to help encourage sales of your book.

To find out more tap or click the link below and take advantage of the free training materials to help you maximize your marketing efforts.