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Your affiliate links are like virtual real estate and you should treat them as such or else you’re probably unnecessarily losing commissions. Offline, merchants can use locks and alarms to deter thieves. Internet business owners need to use anti-theft software such as Easy Redirect Script to protect their commissions.

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself and your commissions:

1. Use Meta Refresh: A meta refresh is a simple bit of HTML code which automatically redirects your visitor to another page (your affiliate URL). It provides a neat way of presenting affiliate links in newsletters. It probably helps reduce commission bypassing and commission hijacking. A big advantage of using meta refreshes is that if merchants change their affiliate links, you can change links on dozens of pages quickly and easily by altering only one file.

One problem is that some search engines don’t like meta refreshes because they’re frequently used for unsavory purposes. So if you use this technique, use it with caution.

2. Use a URL redirection service. You can use free services although I don’t recommend you do or you can buy a unique domain name for each affiliate program you join. URL redirection makes affiliate links less obvious, so this will reduce some commission thefts.

3. Use a web-based ad tracking service. The ad tracking link initially hides the affiliate link, reducing thefts. The problem with this is that you don’t own the ad tracking service and so ultimately you don’t control it. If anything happens to the company providing that service all your links could be lost.

4. Use an ad tracking script. Good ad tracking scripts hide the affiliate link as well as being useful for tracking. It has the advantage that it doesn’t promote someone else’s domain.

5. Use JavaScript redirect. Because this initially hides the affiliate link, it should reduce commission thefts.

While these are all possible, setting up ad tracking scripts, using JavaScript redirects, etc. is simple but not necessarily easy. However, Easy Redirect Script makes it easy to set up a wide range of redirects and is easy to set up. Most importantly, it gives you control over your affiliate links.

Easy Redirect Script is an amazing link redirect tool that has TONS of professional features marketers like us NEED – SEO safe redirects, 2 second link cloaking, stealth pages, stealth redirects, splash redirects, categories, click-tracking and more.

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