Earn More from Your Webinars with New WordPress Plugin

WordPress IconThere are so many excellent webinars available these days that it’s virtually impossible to attend every single webinar that you’re interested in.

What’s more, you can sometimes forget to sign up for a webinar or only hear about a particular webinar after it’s over. In cases like this, if it’s a topic that I have a keen interest in I may still visit the webinar sign up page on the off-chance that I can gain access to a recording of the event.

However, I often see the message “This webinar is over”.

Webinar Over

It’s like having a door slammed in your face and when this happens you’ve no alternative but to click away. But if you’re the one who wants to watch the webinar you are not the only one who loses out here. The marketer hosting the webinar and the marketer presenting the video also loses out.

It would be far more effective to redirect someone who visits your webinar registration page after the event to an alternative page such as a squeeze page so that you can tell them when the replay will be available.

And, if you’re the webinar host or webinar presenter then you absolutely want to allow as many people as possible to view the replay of your webinar because many webinar hosts say that at least 50% of their sales come from the replay of the webinar. Some marketers have the webinar replay available for a limited time. So after this time has elapsed you should redirect visitors to a new page, for instance, another squeeze page that informs visitors that the replay is no longer available and invited them to register so they can be notified of other upcoming webinars.

Other marketers take a more long-term approach with respect to the availability of the webinar replay. However, they can take advantage of time-based scarcity in relation to any time-sensitive special offers made during the webinar.

So, if someone watches a replay of the webinar after the expiry date of a special offer made during the webinar then the page to which the order button is linked to can be set up so that it is automatically updated at the right time.

And, there’s now a neat tool, a new WordPress plugin called WP Redirector that makes light work of setting up these redirects. This will help to ensure that you don’t lose sales unnecessarily and that you maximize your income from the webinar.

The screenshoot below provides an idea on how this plugin works and just how easy it is to use.

WP Redirector Dashboard

For more information about this new WordPress Plugin simply click the link below:

WP Redirector

This plugin also contains a nifty little tool that can further help you to increase your sales – more about that another time.