Drag and Drop Illustrator Software Review – The Pros and Cons

Drag and Drop Illustrator by James Jones is a new drag and drop software tool that allows you to create images/illustrations for projects such as Kindle books. It’s great for creating images for children’s books but it can be used to create images for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, T-Shirts, book covers and more. I purchased the software during the internal launch and so I have first-hand knowledge of the product. In addition, I’ve been paying close attention to the feedback of other users and the following is a summary of the pros and cons of this software.


  • The software is simple to use. You can literally be creating your first images within minutes of installing the software.
  • It’s very easy to edit your images – this is a huge time and money saver especially for those needing images for Kindle and other books.
  • You can create your own human and monster characters with this software.
  • Image objects, backgrounds, characters and entire sets can be saved and recycled to create new images.
  • You can work on multiple images at the same time – handy when creating a series of similar images or for just helping to maintain the flow of the story your images are depicting.
  • It was created using Adobe Air and so is both PC and Mac compatible.


  • The canvas doesn’t have grid-lines – an addition which would help in the creation of other images such as book covers and flyers.
  • There’s no preview of the fonts.
  • There’s no undo feature (this is being worked on for a future upgrade).
  • At present you can only create human and monster characters. However, other characters are being worked on and there are plans to further improve the capacity for users to edit characters.
  • There’s no zooming facility for the canvas – useful when designing large images on a computer with a relatively small screen.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this software. It’s versatile, and both easy and fun to use. It comes with hundreds of various types of images to help you get started on creating your first image. And, during the launch of this software there are some great bonuses that you’ll receive 100s of transparent vector images as well as a $20 gift certificate for VectorToons which you can use to purchase 20 additional vector images.

In fact, the special launch offer is an insanely good bargain. For a limited time it’s just $27 and when you consider that you get a $20 Vector Toons gift certificate then the software works out to be about $7. When you consider that even Photoshop’s Creative Cloud plan is $9.99 a month then purchasing Drag and Drop Illustrator is a no-brainer.

Click the link below for a demo of this innovative software:

Drag and Drop Illustrator

Price increases to $97 once the launch is over.