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Domain Flipping

Domain Flipping is perhaps not as familiar a concept as Website Flipping. With the latter, the basic idea is that you buy a domain build a website on that URL and then sell it.

Sometimes people sell websites simply because they’ve decided to move on to other projects and want to scale down their portfolio. In such cases a website may be several years old, have a large subscriber base and a proven income stream. And you would expect to pay quite a lot for such a website.

In other cases a website may be fairly new. Indeed, it may have been created specifically to flip. Naturally, these websites tend to be cheaper.

Domain Flipping where you buy a domain at a low price and sell it at a profit. And one of the advantages is that you don’t need a website in order to flip domains. Therefore, you also don’t have to worry about driving large volumes of traffic to a website and you don’t have to worry about monetizing that website before you sell it.

On average, it costs about 10 bucks to buy a domain but if it’s a premium domain, i.e. a domain that an individual or company could significantly monetize then, potentially, you could sell that domain for a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars.

Here are some examples of premium domains that have been sold recently: – $700 – $195 – $790 – $2,725

You can easily see, especially at this time of year, why someone would want to buy and monetize And when you consider that the domain was first purchased for about ten dollars even taking into account any additional fees (which would be relatively small) a sale in excess of two and a half thousand dollars is a an excellent return on your investment. And even when you consider a smaller sale such as for $195 this too is a great deal.

You can find more premium domains for sale at:

Premium Domain Station

Notice that all the domains listed above are the dot com domains. Yes, there are premium domains that are not dot coms but dot coms are your safest bet. Buying and selling domain names is an art as well as a science. It’s not something that I’d recommend you simply just start doing without first at least doing some research.

And you can start your research by clicking the link below to watch a time sensitive replay of a special webinar on domain flipping and why domain flipping could be a way for you to make money online which you may fiind easier than traditional Internet Marketing.

Domain Flipping Webinar

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