Discover How You Can Become A Published Author

Self-Publishing RevealedA book can be regarded as a BIG business card.  What’s more, people are less likely to books away as compared to throwing ordinary business cards away.  It is a very effective way to boost your authority, promote your business’s products and or services and much more.

In the past it used to be very expensive to self-publish your book and there was also a bit of a stigma attached to self-publishing.  Self-published books were not seen as professional as traditionally published books and often they weren’t.  For instance, I’ve seen self-published books which have been properly proofread and so had glaringly obvious spelling, grammatical and other errors.

Nowadays even well-known best-selling authors sometimes choose the self-publishing route and one reason for this is because you can command much higher royalties as a self-published author.

Many people don’t think of publishing their book because they simply don’t know how to go about it and there are certainly a number of pitfalls to avoid.

Well, over this weekend you can access the information you need to successfully self publish your book via Amazon’s Createspace in an easy to understand, step-by-step format for just $7.This particular video course covers:

~ The multiple benefits of publishing a physical book.
~ How to publish a physical book.
~ How to research popular niches in which to publish.
~ How to maximize your income by selcting the most profitable niches in which to publish.
~ Different ways to create your book.
~ Highly effective and yet simple techniques to compile a high quality book.

~ How to format your book.
~ The importance of proofreading your book.
~ The best ways to get your book proof read for the minimum cost
~ The different publishing options available to you and which ones would best suit you
~ How Createspace works and how you can profit from it.
~ Different ways in which you can promote your book.

And much more.

And this weekend there is a special offer on this video course.  It’s just £7.  You could go over the course information over the weekend and submit your book for publishing.

To find out more about this Self-Publishing Video Course simply click the link below:

Self-Publishing Revealed

Remember this course is just $7 (but only for this weekend) and its comes with a 60 day guarantee.