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Super Easy BooksJanet Frame was a New Zealand author who won several literay prizes. One of her early sources of inspiration to write was undoubtedly her mother who fostered a great love of poetry and had even written a book of poems. However, this book went unpublished as, in those days, it was not easy to get your work published.

Had Janet Frame’s mother lived now she might have considered self-publishing and, if she did, she would have certainly considered publishing her work on Kindle.

Nowadays, many people have the opposite problem to that experienced by Janet Frame’s mother. People know that they can self-publish and they know that they can publish their books on Kindle. The problem is what to publish. But even knowing the answer to this question does not entirely resolve the issues facing many would-be authors.

Dr Joe Vitale “Author of way too many books to mention, including the bestsellers “The Attractor Factor,” “Life’s Missing Instruction Manual” and ooohhh so many more, including the head spinner, “Zero Limits” and the mega-hit, “The Key” often says:

“Money loves speed.”

And one of the biggest issues that many would-be authors face is that the book projects they elect to do take too long to complete. There are many reasons and several solutions to this dilemma. One reason is that you may be starting out with too complex a project. Another reason could be is that you’re not following a simple yet proven system for creating your first book.

Well now a new course has become available that reveals just how SUPER EASY it is to publish a book. The course is delivered in five (5) step-by-step, easy-to-follow modules:

Module #1: Super Easy Quick Start
Module #2: Super Easy Book Research
Module #3: Super Easy Book Ideas
Module #4: Super Easy Book Marketing
Module #5: Super Easy Book Resources

With this system you can create a new book within a few hours and duplicate this so that in a very short period of time you can publish multiple books and so steadily increase your passive income.

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