Discover How to Boost Kindle Books Sales with a 10-Step Kickstart Kindle Promotion Plan

Kickstart Kindle PromotionPublish a good book on Kindle and the chances are you’ll make sales. However, naturally, you’ll make more sales if you promote your Kindle book.

There are a number of ways to promote your Kindle book and for a very limited time you can benefit from the wisdom of a 5-year book dealer and get her 10-Step Kindle Kickstart Promotion Plan at an incredibly low price.

This special step-by-step guide show you how you can fully leverage Amazon’s awesome platform to get thousands of potential buyers viewing your books and ebooks at no cost to you.

You’ll also discover how to:

~ Adapt marketing strategies originally intended for physical books to help make some of your Kindle books sell like hot cakes!

~ How to set up your marketing system so that it works for you 24/7 – even as you sleep.~

~ How to emulate blockbuster movies and sell more of your books with book trailers.

~ How to take advantage of Amazon’s 10,000 best reviewers to get great reviews for your books.

~ How to use reciprocity to get people lining up to review your books.

~ How to manage multiple pen names in your account helping you to publish books in different genres or simply shielding your true identity.

~ How to build rapport with your buyers so that they’ll eagerly look forward to your latest publications.

~ How Amazon can recommend your book on Kindle devices such as iPads and iPhones.

And much more.

Click the link below to access this no-fluff 36-page report and special bonuses:

10-Step Kickstart Kindle Promotion

It even comes with a handy checklist so you can keep track of the marketing strategies you’ve deployed.

Implement just a few of these marketing strategies and you should notice an improvement in the sales of your Kindle books.

10-Step Kickstart Kindle Promotion

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