Discover How One Internet Marketer will Generate $100K in January 2012

Numbers 2012 on beachAt the start of the New Year a well-known and highly-respected Internet Marketer made a bold offer. He offered to document, in a diary format, how he would earn $100,000 in January 2012 – “just for fun”. 😎

For most folk, $100k is no laughing matter. Β That amount of money could mean that they could take the rest of the year off if they so desired. Being able to generate that level of income on a monthly basis could transform the lives of many individuals.

This Internet Marketer promised to reveal his inner-most thought processes and the strategic thinking behind the multitude of tactics that he would put into play each day that would speed him towards accomplishing this goal. This was a unique opportunity at an incredible price – I was in! I knew this would be very special.

I’ve now read his first few diary entries and I haven’t been disappointed.

This marketer loves fishing – deep sea fishing to be precise. Now I’ve never been fishing but we have a TV program in the UK called “Extreme Fishing” in which the actor Robson Green stars. He travels all over the world using a variety of different fishing styles and often fishing in some of the most extreme conditions to catch some of the most remarkable fish.

I enjoy watching this program. I learn about new places and Robson Green’s enthusiasm is contagious. And so, even although I’ve never been fishing, and in particular, deep sea fishing, I do understand a thing or two about fishing. It requires skill and patience and, if you’re going deep sea fishing, your goal is to catch some very big fish.

This marketer certainly knows how to set BIG goals and in fact he shares something in his very first diary entry that will shock you and will almost certainly cause you to reevaluate your own goals.

This marketer loves to cook and has published several cookbooks. Now a great cook knows how to balance and blend different ingredients to bring out the best flavors in foods. A great cook also knows how to make the best use of the foods and resources at his disposal.

In the first few diary entries you can certainly see how this marketer fully utilizes the resources at his disposal to dramatically enhance his results. He moves boldly and confidently through the Internet Marketing world, striking extremely lucrative deals almost everywhere he goes and generating huge levels of income.

This marketer also has a military background. His productivity levels and discipline are almost legendary – skills he no doubt developed during his time in the military. The diary entries reveal just how much he has been able to accomplish within just this first week of 2012.

In fact, I imagine that what he has laid the foundation for during this first week of January 2012 could easily sustain him for the rest of the year.

But I suspect that just wouldn’t be any fun. πŸ™

He reveals how strategic thinking and a little effort helped him win a competition and how he’s going to leverage the prize he won. And he reveals how sometimes all it takes is a little effort applied in the right manner to achieve some truly outstanding results.

You can read more about this $100k in January 2012 project by clicking the link below:

$100k in January 2012

I know I’ve been a bit vague at times but I don’t want to give too much away – that wouldn’t be fair. You really need to invest in this “diary” and read the entries for yourself from start to finish so that you fully understand this marketer’s thought processes that enable him to generate $100k and more per month.

As for me, I see there’s another diary post in my inbox and I’m heading off to read this latest installment!

$100k in January 2012