Create Facebook Fan Pages FAST & EASY with WP Fan Pro

WP Fan Pro WordPress Theme for FAST & Highly Effective Facebook Fan PagesEven offline business owners without an Internet presence and who possess little knowledge of Internet Marketing are still aware that even if they don’t have a website they should be exploiting the potential of Facebook in general, and Facebook Fan Pages in particular, to market their business.

However, prior to March of this year, if you really wanted to make the most of customizing your Facebook Fan Page then you had to know FBML – the Facebook equivalent of HTML. Not surprisingly, this created a barrier some individuals to create professional-looking, customized Facebook Fan Pages. Plus, there is another glaringly obvious drawback to FBML – it is unique to Facebook.

Then, in March, Facebook introduced iFrame Facebook Fan Pages – game change and game on! You see basically, an iFrame allows you to display a website within a website. And that’s powerful.

For instance, if you use WordPress the introduction of iFrames on Facebook literally explodes the number of options you have at your disposal to optimize and customize your Facebook Fan Page. However, for the average joe, iFrame codes can be quite challenging.

One tool that makes the creation of highly professional-looking, customized Facebook Fan Pages that are optimized to maximize the returns on your marketing efforts is WP Fan Pro. There are currently plugins on the market that enable you to create Facebook Fan Pages but this is not a plugin.  It’s actually a WordPress theme and the following video demonstrates just how fast and easy it is to use this WordPress theme to create Facebook Fan Pages. It also gives a brief review of its great features and benefits.

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WP Fan Pro makes light work of creating Facebook Fan Pages because, essentially, it’s a WordPress theme. And so, if you understand the basics of WordPress then using WP Fan Pro will be super easy for you to use.

If you use Facebook then you will have probably seen Facebook Pages where you have to “like” the page before you can see a free video or download a free report. Well, with WP Fan Pro, you can create these type of Facebook Pages with just a few clicks of your mouse.

WP Fan Pro also allows you to create a store right within your Facebook Page and you can use it to build your list with a choice of 3 proven and tested auto squeeze pages. And, of course you can customize your Facebook Page using your desired colour scheme so that your Facebook Page has the same look and feel as your other related web properties.

Not only can you use WP Fan Pro to create your own Facebook Fan Pages, you can also use it to create Facebook Fan Pages for local businesses as well. In fact this is a service, that can pay very well and so you do this to develop another income stream. And, it’s also something that you can outsource.

WP Fan Pro WordPress Theme for FAST Professional Facebook Fan Pages