cPanel Tutorials – Discover How to Master cPanel

cPanel Tutorials

cPanel really makes controlling all the aspects of your website super easy although when you first look at a cPanel it might look like the panel of the cockpit an aircraft – somewhat overwhelming.

And, although you can outsource your website management, it can certainly pay to at least understand how certain tasks are done via a cPanel so that if you do outsource certain tasks you don’t get taken advantage of.

So do you know how to do the following via your cPanel:

~ Set up new domains?

~ Create subdomains?

~ Install WordPress?

~ Set up your file permissions properly?

~ Set up your SPF (Sender Policy Framework) properly?

~ Create a fully functional MySQL database?

~ Back up your databases and blogs automatically?

~ Create a members-only area?

~ Cloak an unlimited number of links?

~ Stop SPAM in its tracks?

Well, for just this weekend only you can get your hands on a set of cPanel Tutorials (video format) tutorials for just $7.

The videos will provide an introduction to cPanel and show you how to do basic and more advanced tasks via cPanel.

This is such a great investment. You can also use the videos to train your outsourcers.

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cPanel Tutorials