Countdown Rocket WordPress Plugin Review

Countdown Rocket - Dashboard

Over the past few months I’ve purchased various countdown timers with varying degrees of success.

To be fair the first countdown timer I purchased Countdown Monkey, is very good. It is a web-based software application, in other words you don’t install it on your own domain but you login to a central location to configure your timer.

With Countdown Monkey you can edit the text style, text color, counter background, animation style, countdown size and language. You have the option to subscribe to a monthly/annual subscription or you can make a one-time payment of $97. So while it’s not the cheapest countdown timer on the market it is packed with features.

Another plugin I purchased was very promising but I couldn’t even activate it and so I’ve never been able to use it. I tried it on various sites with different configurations and with the same result so I knew there was an issue with the basic configuration of the plugin. However, the best advice that customer support could give me was to deactivate all my other plugins before attempting to activate this one. That didn’t make any difference and you shouldn’t have to deactivate all your existing plugins to add a new one.

Then I bought the Easy Countdown Plugin. This is reasonably priced and allows you to place a countdown on any post or page. You can configure the plugin on an event basis or on a visitor basis. The main drawback with this plugin is that you can’t easily change the style or even the size.

And so finally I discovered Countdown Rocket. This countdown timer is the best timer I’ve used to date. It’s a WordPress Plugin that is hosted on your domain putting you in full control. After completing my purchase I installed the plugin on two differently configured websites and was able to create timers within minutes. And since I purchased the Developer Sites License I can install it on any of my websites and even my clients’ websites for a single one-off payment.

Listed below are some of the other features of this countdown timer that make it a winner.

It’s Mobile Responsive. This timer automatically re-sizes to fit mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, iPads, etc. and will play on these devices.

You can set up evergreen timers, date/event campaigns or set your timer to work on a per visitor basis. With evergreen timers you can control the timer behavior by either I.P. address or cookie.

It comes with 13 style templates which you can use out of the box or customize. You can also start from scratch to It comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) and you can completely customize the colors of the timer.

You can create unlimited timers and as well as being able to insert a countdown timer on any page or post you can also add a timer to a header, footer or sidebar widget.

When you countdown reaches zero you have several options. You can allow a visitor to your site to stay on the current page. You can redirect them to another page or you can replace the timer with an image of your choice.

And, to be honest, I would have been happy with the timer with just these features. However, this countdown timer has another standout feature. You can create what is referred to as an Affiliate Countdown place your countdown timer on an affiliate page or indeed any page at all.

To see demos of this timer simply click the link below:

Countdown Rocket