Clone and Backup WordPress Blogs in 3 Easy Steps

WordPress IconIf you’re setting up lots of WordPress blogs in a short space of time as I’ve recently had to do it helps to be able take a shortcut or two.

It’s like building a house. You can have several houses all constructed on the same basic theme and then you can customize each one to look completely different.

When setting up a WordPress blog there are certain themes that I like to use depending upon the end use of that website and there are certain plugins that I tend to use repeatedly, no matter what website I’m building. It’s helpful not having to repeatedly install the same theme and upload the same plugins.

I can set up one site with the particular theme I want to use on a batch of sites and add the plugins and then clone that site and deploy the clone on another domain. Then I can customize that site. And I can deploy that clone on as many sites as I like. This certainly saves me a lot of time and bother.

The WordPress cloning tool I use is called WP Twin and, to be more accurate, it is a script. It’s quick and easy to use. Now I have used an alternative method for backing up WordPress sites but, unfortunately, I didn’t find it very reliable. This method involved using a WordPress plugin.

Now when this plugin worked it was great but I experienced one too many issues with it. On some sites I could not activate it. On other sites when I uploaded the plugin it caused the entire site to crash and this happened with several sites. Luckily, I had also created a clone of the site using WP Twin and so I was able to deploy this clone and get up and running again.

Now WP Twin is not the least expensive backup tool on the market and some folk say it’s not the easiest tool to use but in all honesty I scoff at that notion. I know I’ve been talking about setting up websites but I’m really not the most technically-inclined person.

All you have to do is the following 3 easy steps to clone and backup your WordPress Blog:

1. Upload the script to your site.

2. Type into your browser.

3. Click clone and within seconds your site is cloned.

You then simply download the file and you can deploy that clone on the same domain or another domain where you’ve installed WordPress.

When you’re developing a new website WP Twin is an invaluable tool to have because it makes it easy for you to back up your website as you go along so that if you make a mistake and break your site or some other mishap occurs you can quickly and easily restore your site. And it clones absolutely everything – all your installed plugins and themes complete with their configurations as well as posts, pages, comments, permalinks, etc.

I purchased WP Twin when it was first released. Back then I think there were issues with cloning sites that were hosted by GoDaddy but now the script is compatible with 99% of hosts. And as it’s a web-based application so long as you have an internet connection then you can use this tool to clone and back up your sites.

Click the link below to check it out:

Clone & Backup WordPress Blogs