Boost Blog Income with Marlon Sander’s WP Dashboard for Leads and Sales

WP Leads and Sales Dashboard

Marlon Sanders has just launched the WP Leads and Sales Dashboard, the third in a series of dashboards that he has created over the years.

This dashboard is broken down into 6 rows each with 6 icons and it’s designed to take you step-by-step from WordPress blog installation and customization to generating leads and sales. The content of the dashboard is presented as a series of detailed screen captures with videos where additional clarity was required.

Marlon Sanders said he designed this latest dashboard so that those who followed this system would end up with a leads-getting, sales-getting blog in 6 weeks spending just 20-30 minutes on most days. Naturally, you could speed up the process by simply completing each step faster.

The WP Leads and Sales Dashboard leads to the creation of a blog that differs from most of the blogs that Internet Marketers usually encourage you to create. In fact, Marlon Sanders says you need 3 different types of blog for your business.

These are called Direct Response Blogs. And they may be radically different from what you’ve seen, read or heard about before as the purpose of THESE blogs is NOT posting content, getting read, or developing a following, although of course these things certainly do have their benefits.

The purpose of Direct Response Blogs is LEADS & SALES. That’s what Direct Response Blogs are all about. And by following the detailed steps in WP Leads and Sales Dashboard you can create your own leads-getting, sales-getting blog in 6 weeks.

Click the link below for full details:

WP Leads and Sales Dashboard