Become An Expert and Monetize Your Knowledge

Monetize Your KnowledgeYou are either an expert in a particular area or you can become one.

And the world needs experts in all sorts of areas – health, relationships, the environment, money and finance – to name just a few. And so the world needs you to share your knowledge and expertise.

Simply acknowledging your expertise is a big hurdle for many to overcome. The next is you probably want to share your knowledge and may already be doing so but you want to know how you can truly monetize your knowledge.

And this isn’t because you’re greedy. It’s because you recognize that the better you’re able to achieve this goal the further you will be able to extend your influence and the more lives you will be able to positively affect.

I’ve heard numerous Internet Marketers and talk about how Anthony Robbins helped them to transform their lives. Now there was a time when Anthony Robbins was 38 lbs overweight and living a tiny studio flat – I kid you not. And I’m not trying to put the great man down at all. My point is that if he didn’t sort his life out millions of people would never have even heard of this legend, far less transform their lives as a result of his teaching.

What’s more, people wouldn’t have heard about Anthony Robbins if he didn’t have effective ways in which to share and monetize his message. You may have attended one of his seminars or read one of his books or listened to one of his audios or watched one of his videos…

And, so when you take Anthony Robbins as a case study on how to successfully monetize your knowledge you start to see just how you can achieve this. But is probably seems rather daunting as well and you may be saying to yourself that you could never do all the things that Anthony Robbins has done.

But allow me to revisit my initial statement. You may not consider yourself to be an expert. However, you can certainly become one. There are countless individuals in the personal development field and also in Internet Marketing who say that one of the most influential books they read was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Yet, when you think about it, this book is merely a distillation of the many interviews that Napoleon Hill had with the thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs of his time. You could take a similar path to establish yourself as an expert in your field – just look at Mike Litman. He really established himself with his book – “Conversations with Millionaires“.

However, this is just one of many routes that you can take to become the highly-paid expert that people eagerly seek out.

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