Auction Webinar Review

Wow! There were two epic marathons this weekend. The Australian Open final and the Auction Webinar hosted by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos. And, if you missed yesterday’s event, you missed some genuinely excellent deals plus the opportunity to win some great prizes.

Unfortunately, due to prior commitments I wasn’t able to attend the entire webinar and so wasn’t eligible for the prizes but I did pick up a couple of bargains and was sorely tempted to purchase at least two other items.

It was worth attending the webinar just to watch the dynamic duo in action. Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos have webinar hosting down to a fine art. They took turns in presenting the products that they had carefully selected for the event and while one was presenting, the other was busy answering questions that were flooding in.

And, with the number of products they had on offer, it was clear to see why it was important to stick to the 10 minute rule where you generally had just 10 minutes to make your purchase before they moved on to the next product.

Although the event was called an “Auction Webinar”, technically it wasn’t an auction as you can’t bid on any of the products on offer but you are able to purchase quality Internet marketing products at very deep discounts. What’s more, most of the purchases are guaranteed and not even by the product owners but by Jason and Wil.

They believe so much in the products they promote that they are willing to offer their own guarantee.  That speaks volumes!

There was only one product for which you could not get a refund and that was a mobile marketing product by Dan Hollings called Step-by-Step Mobile. And anyone who knows Dan Hollings knows that he always over-delivers when it comes to creating information products plus he takes pride in ensuring that the material in his courses is up-to-date so if you purchase a Dan Hollings product you’ve made a very shrewd investment.

Individuals who purchased Step-by-Step Mobile also had the opportunity to get Mobile Success Formula for just $50 extra. However, I happen to know that at a special webinar on 03 February, Dan Hollings will be making Mobile Success Formula available for just $49 and I plan to buy it then.

You can sign up for this free webinar by clicking the link below:

Mobile Success Formula Webinar

Products in the Auction Webinar ranged in price from 0.01 cents to a few hundred dollars. Yes, there was a product for just 0.01 cents. I didn’t buy it because I already have it. But, you wouldn’t believe the number of questions that people were asking about the product. How could you go wrong with spending a cent on a special report? And this product also came with a guarantee and so if you weren’t happy with it you could have asked for your cent back. But come on…

The special report is on how to secure your Facebook fan pages with a SSL certificate – now a requirement by Facebook. The Facebook SSL Report shows you step-by-step with diagrams how to do this in an efficient and cost-effective manner. I found the report easy to follow and it saved me both time and money.

The Facebook SSL Report

When you consider that GoDaddy charges $69.99 for a Standard SSL for a single domain for a year and Hostgator will set up your SSL for a fee of $50, to pay 0.01 cents for a report that demonstrates how you can set up an SSL certificate for on your domains for a fraction of that price is a no-brainer.

Payment Shield ProA report I did buy was Payment Shield Pro – a report that shows you how to safely and efficiently run your PayPal account and mitigate the risks of having your account frozen or shut down altogether. This is something that has affected many marketers and so it’s good to know the pitfalls to avoid.

You can check out this report at the link below:

Payment Shield Pro

Another interesting fact about this webinar was that some of the contributors to the event were also in attendance and they too were buying products. That should give you further validation of the quality of this event.

There won’t be another event like this for a few months because of the work involved in setting something like this up but do check out the next event even if you’re unable to stay for the entirety.