Auction Webinar – Incredible Deals Plus Win Cash Prizes!

Auction WebinarThe Auction Webinar is back! The next event is Saturday 02 March.

This is a hugely anticipated event as it’s a great opportunity to purchase first-class products for your business at a massive discount. Some discounts are as much as 92%. And these are genuine discounts.

However, as can be expected with discounts of this size, there are a couple of catches:

1. These discounts will be available for only about 5-10 minutes.
2. There is absolutely no replay of this webinar because our contracts with these marketers do not allow it.

So you have to be there – live and in person – in order to have the opportunity to take advantage of these special offers.

Besides the incredible deals, prizes totaling over $10,000 will be given away. In order to qualify, you just need to attend the entire webinar (yes, you have to show up on time and stay until the end).

Here is a short list of the prizes:

• $1,500 – Cash
• $1,000 – Cash
• $500 – Cash
• Apple iPad Mini
• Amazon Kindle Fire HD
• Apple iPod Touch
• Training Courses

…And More!

So click the link below to register for this event.

Auction Webinar

There will even be a product that will be sold for just ONE dollar. This will be a HOT product from well-known Internet Marketers.

The Auction Webinar is a marathon event but it’s lots of fun and a great opportunity to give your business an inexpensive boost.

Click the link below to register for this event:

Auction Webinar