Auction Webinar – Huge Discounts on Internet Marketing Products Plus Cash Prizes

Auction WebinarThe next Auction Webinar will take place on Saturday 9th June.

To be honest I’m not sure why the organisers call it an auction as this webinar (the last of which was held in January) is not really an auction at all. What it is though is an opportunity to get your hands on some great Internet Marketing products at ridiculously low prices – sometimes for as much as 92% off!

Yes, the products on offer will not be products with artificially inflated prices which are then reduced. This webinar provides the opportunity to get genuine, generous discounts on high quality products. But each product will only be on offer for a very limited time – usually 10 minutes – and then the offer is gone for good.

In fact, some top Internet Marketers attended the last  Auction Webinar – some folk just can’t resist picking up a bargain.

And, this special webinar also offers you the opportunity to win some truly awesome prizes such as an iPad, multiple Kindle Fires, iPods, and a whole lot more.

Plus, $2,000 in cash will also be given away.

How it works is this…

Throughout the webinar, attendees will be given parts of a secret code and so you’ll need to stick around until the end to get all the fragments of this secret code to be eligible for the grand prize.

I must warn you though that this webinar will likely be quite long but, if the last one was anything to go by it will be a lot of fun too. You’ll be forgiven for multi-tasking during this webinar just be sure to be sufficiently attentive that you don’t miss your chance of winning one of the many fabulous prizes on offer.

Click the link below to register for this webinar:

Auction Webinar

There will be no replay of this webinar. This is one where you truly have to be in it to win it.

Auction Webinar