Affiliate Link Cloaking – Protect Your Affiliate Links

Easy Redirect ScriptAffiliate marketing use affiliate link cloaking to limit affiliate commission theft.  Yet there are other affiliate marketers who just can’t seem to be bothered to make the effort.

They are promoting products with their raw affiliate link.  In the case of ClickBank products affiliate links come in different formats.  You can generate an affiliate link for a ClickBank product directlly from their website but this  link is usually very long and, unless you’re a memory expert, impossible to remember. 

Here’s an example of what I saw on one website I visited recently by someone promoting a ClickBank product:

“GO TO…”

I kid you not!

And, to make matters worse this long, ridiculous link wasn’t even hyperlinked.  In other words, if you wanted to visit the website this link was pointing to, you had to cut and paste this link in your web browser.

But wait…

It gets even better.

Guess what this person was promoting?  An affiliate link cloaker!

To be precise they were promoting Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0.

I thought that they were trying to make a point by displaying this long, convoluted affiliate link and so I scanned their article in search of at least a shortened affiliate link but no that was it.

It was clear that this individual had not purchased Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0 and, to be honest, neither have I.  I’m just using this as an example.  And I’m not directly promoting Phantom Link Cloaker although I can see its merits.

I also have to admit that I don’t purchase everything I promote although I aim to do so.  However, for the most part the products I promote are products that I do have experience of using.  In other cases, I may have used other products created by the product owner and so I know, like and trust the product owner and have confidence that the products that create will be of the highest quality.

However, getting back to affiliate link cloaking…

A recent survey has shown that 43-78% of affiliates are losing 43-78% of their commissions by committing mistakes like the one mentioned above.

This means that, without doing any extra work, some affiliate marketers could potentially DOUBLE their affiliate commissions simply by eliminating these and other mistakes.  And one way you can achieve this is by using Easy Redirect.

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Easy Redirect

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