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Review of Facebook Marketing Course – FBinfluence 2.0

Facebook is an ever-changing landscape and whether you love or hate Facebook, as a marketer, you can’t afford to this Social Media platform. And yet, because it’s constantly changing and for other reasons it can be challenging to master Facebook and you could find that you’re spending a lot of time on Facebook with very […]


Evergreen Business System – Run Your Webinars Within Facebook

With the Evergreen Business System Automated Webinar Generator it’s now possible to run your webinars directly from your Facebook Page. The team at the Evergreen Business System have just released the Facebook Theme. This is a custom HTML template that embeds straight into your Facebook page.  There are five (5) other templates that users have […]


Special Report Reveals How to Secure Your Facebook Fan Pages

In my previous post I discussed a report I had read on how to set up a SSL Certificate on your Facebook Fan Page. This is something which is critical at this time because this is now a requirement by Facebook. And while it does create extra work for  marketers this requirement will make Facebook […]