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Review of Facebook Marketing Course – FBinfluence 2.0

Facebook is an ever-changing landscape and whether you love or hate Facebook, as a marketer, you can’t afford to this Social Media platform. And yet, because it’s constantly changing and for other reasons it can be challenging to master Facebook and you could find that you’re spending a lot of time on Facebook with very […]


Evergreen Business System – Run Your Webinars Within Facebook

With the Evergreen Business System Automated Webinar Generator it’s now possible to run your webinars directly from your Facebook Page. The team at the Evergreen Business System have just released the Facebook Theme. This is a custom HTML template that embeds straight into your Facebook page.  There are five (5) other templates that users have […]


New WordPress Plugin Increases Your Volume of Facebook Likes

No doubt you’re already familiar with the Facebook Like button.  Whenever you click a Facebook Like button your friends know about it because whatever you’ve liked is shown on your Facebook wall.  Chances are that some of your friends become curious about what you’ve just liked and they visit the webpage displaying the content you’ve […]