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Special 2 for 1 Offer from Rapid Crush

Rapid Crush is hosting a Special 2 for 1 Sale this weekend. Their product range includes software, WP Themes, training courses and much more. Software For instance, one of the software programs being sold is WP Twin. WP Twin is the world’s leading WordPress cloner tool. You can clone a WordPress blog in under a […]


Discover How to Create Income-Generating eBooks FAST

Janet Frame was a New Zealand author who won several literay prizes. One of her early sources of inspiration to write was undoubtedly her mother who fostered a great love of poetry and had even written a book of poems. However, this book went unpublished as, in those days, it was not easy to get […]


Product Creation Secrets Webinar

This year I’m going to be focusing on product creation. There are many types of products you can create for instance you can create mobile apps, software or just plain old ebooks. And it’s the latter that I’m going to focus on. Now you may be thinking that just focusing on creating ebooks isn’t very […]