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Drag and Drop Illustrator Software Review – The Pros and Cons

Drag and Drop Illustrator by James Jones is a new drag and drop software tool that allows you to create images/illustrations for projects such as Kindle books. It’s great for creating images for children’s books but it can be used to create images for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, T-Shirts, book covers and more. I purchased […]


Discover How to Create Income-Generating eBooks FAST

Janet Frame was a New Zealand author who won several literay prizes. One of her early sources of inspiration to write was undoubtedly her mother who fostered a great love of poetry and had even written a book of poems. However, this book went unpublished as, in those days, it was not easy to get […]


The Great Kindle Challenge

Here’s your chance to take part in a unique Kindle marketing experiment – “The Great Kindle Challenge“. Ryan Deiss is offering you a ring-side seat to the launch of his new book on Amazon Kindle so you can see exactly what he does to promote this book, give it away and eventually sell it. His […]