Teleseminars: 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Teleseminars in Your Business

Teleseminars/Conference CallsTeleseminars are easy to set up, highly effective and very versatile.

Here are 7 ways in which you can use teleseminars in your business:

1. Launching a Live Event
Teleseminars, an online form of marketing, can be used to generate interest and buzz about your live (offline) event.  You can use teleseminars to introduce the speakers of your event to prospects.  These teleseminars are generally referred to as preview calls and they are an excellent tactic to help boost attendance figures to your live event.  You must, however, offer value during your preview calls so that prospects feel compelled to attend your event to learn more.

If you do this then, even if a prospect, for whatever reason, is unable to attend your live event, they still may become a customer.

2. Expert Interview Series
This is a proven model that can be applied to virtually any industry, finance, Internet marketing, health and wellness, the list goes on and on.  The basic format of such series is that you encourage individuals the opportunity to listen to the live teleseminar, offer a time-limited replay of the live event for free but also give individuals the opportunity to purchase the MP3 recordings and transcripts of the interviews for a fee.  You can also make a special offer at the end of the teleseminar.

3. Product Launches
Teleseminars are highly effective during product launches.  If you’re an affiliate for a particular product and have a large mailing list then the product owner will often consent to doing a special teleseminar for your subscribers.  For instance, when Jeff Johnson launched Traffic Voodoo 2.0 recently, one of the gurus that interviewed him was Eben Pagan.  During the teleseminar Jeff Johnson outlined his strategies for traffic generation using web 2.0 such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.  The teleseminar(s) also gave Eben Pagan the chance to reveal his special bonus for anyone purchased Traffic Voodoo 2.0 through his affiliate in.  These teleseminars also give potential buyers the opportunity to get any questions they might have about the product answered and can convert many individuals who might have been sitting on the fence.

4. Affiliate Training Calls
Using teleseminars for affiliate training calls can be very useful prior to and during product launches or product re-launches.  Just as you want to generate buzz and excitement for buyers when you launch a new product, you also want to generate excitement among your affiliates as well.  Affiliate training calls are be especially beneficial to new affiliates.  They allow the product owner or affiliate manager to discuss the launch schedule and what can be expected at each stage as well as answer any questions affiliates might have.

5. Customer FAQ
As a product owner you often find that the same questions keep coming up time and time again.  An efficient way of dealing with these questions is to use a teleseminar, record it and make it available in your members’ area.  This will also mean that individuals who purchase your products can have their questions answered quickly which will go a long way towards increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

6. Q and A
Hosting regular Q and A sessions with your subscribers is a great way to provide value while building trust.  Several internet marketers including Connie Ragen Green, author of “Huge Profits with a Tiny List” and Alex Mandossian, the founder of Teleseminar Secrets have refined this tactic to a fine art.  Q and A teleseminars are also an excellent way for you to demonstrate your expertise in a particular field and build your expert status.

7. Quick Start Training Calls for New Customers
Often when someone purchases a product they are overwhelmed.  They may find themselves with a lot of information and become uncertain about where to start and how best to consume the information.  They may also suffer from buyer’s remorse and think that they may never be able to come to learn and apply all the information they have received.  And so some individuals may never take action and others may take the action of asking for a refund.  Either way you lose.

So you can use teleseminars to guide your clients through that potentially challenging period, reinforce the best way to consume your information and reassure your clients that help is at hand should they need it.

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