100k in January 2012 – Willie Crawford’s Ultimatum

This is extremely time-sensitive. On 02 January 2012, while out on one of his daily walks, Willie Crawford had an idea.

He is a very active member of the Warrior Forum and he noticed that a lot of members were asking if anyone was really making any money. So he decided to set himself a target of earning $100k in January 2012 and document in diary-format just how he did it.

Not only that his aim was to only use methods that most marketers could adopt.

Four hours later he posted his idea as a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) and gave individuals the opportunity to experience his journey day-by-day through his diary entries for just $27.

Yes, just $27 to watch step-by-step how someone generates $100k in a single month.

Naturally, lots of smart individuals took him up on his offer but this offer will soon come to an end.

It was always Willie Crawford’s intention to create a new product from this special project and, once the project came to an end to offer that product for $197.

Over the past 30 days, Willie Crawford had shared loads of resources – many of which I just haven’t had time to go through.

So he’s busy creating audios to go with each day’s notes and videos to teach some of the things that are best taught via video. He’s also adding some supplemental notes to expand on some points which he deliberately shortened for his daily emails as some of those emails were rather long and he wanted to ensure that his emails would get through the spam filters.

This material is then going to be posted inside a members-only site, and then he’s going to re-open the doors to access to this information for 30 days.

During these 30 days, new members will be able to join, but the price will have jumped to $197.

And it’s certainly worth this.

If you sometimes feel that some Internet Marketers are holding back information when they offer their courses, you’re right. And it’s often these details that can mean the difference between your success or your failure.

But in this case, Willie does not hold back anything. The only information he doesn’t share is, for example, a source of advertising he might have used if he found it to be ineffective. Willie’s rationale for this level of transparency is:

“In the long-term, everything changes anyway, so I see no reason not to share with you ALL of the facts that you need to make fully-informed decisions while building your business.”

So here’s the scoop. If you purchase this WSO TODAY at the crazy price of $27 you’ll have LIFETIME access to not only Willie Crawford’s 30-day diary, but all of the audios, videos, and supplemental materials that he is putting inside the membership area.


He’s setting up a discussion forum where he will continue to share what he is doing as this project continues to unfold.


He will also encourage members to share with each other so you’ll be able to learn from other marketers as well. This opportunity to network is invaluable.

During the past 30 days Willie has set numerous things in motion. Many of these have already begun generating sizable returns but many others will show appreciable results for a few more weeks. Therefore, he will continue to post regular updates for at least another 60 days, after which he’ll make periodic updates.

So to recap, purchase today and get everything with LIFETIME ACCESS for just $27 or wait until tomorrow and pay $197. And if you wait too long you’ll miss the boat entirely because the offer closes potentially for good.

$100k in January 2012

$100k in January 2012