$100k in January 2012 – Halfway Point

I’ve just been reading the latest installment of Willie Crawford’s $100k in January 2012 diary. As well as outlining his strategies and tactics to earn $100k this month, he has also been sharing loads of resources. Plus he’s been discussing mindset matters.

He’s currently on the Marketers’ Cruise – an annual event that’s attended by many of the top Internet Marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s a great event for masterminding, networking, creating joint ventures while having heaps of fun.

I’m going to mention just a few of the things he talks about in this diary entry. Naturally, I don’t to reveal too much of the content here because this is a resource I wholeheartedly believe that you should invest in yourself. I’ve no doubt that you’ll derive great value from this resource and at its current, never to be repeated price, it’s a steal!

So, in this diary entry he talks about the importance of paying attention to detail. It’s the small things that can really make a difference to any project that you might be involved in. Paying attention to detail can lead to a project’s success and lack of attention to detail can lead to failure.

He also emphasizes the importance of creating momentum and building upon your successes. Once you build momentum, even the toughest challenges feel more effortless.

He said that he was inspired to do this challenge because so many members of the Warrior’s Forum were asking if anyone was really making money on the Internet. He also mentioned that some individuals who were doing well at one stage had seen their income drop by as much as 75% over the last couple of years.

On the other hand, Willie Crawford says his income is steadily growing. And as I mentioned in an earlier post about this project, he already has set the foundation to earn millions of dollars over the coming months.

Just imagine what his results could be if he repeats what he has done each month.

Yet, he hasn’t had mega successes with everything he has done thus far and some of his projects have fallen short of his very high expectations. However, this merely underlines that you don’t have to be successful in everything you do to be successful.

Unfortunately, too many people allow fear to stand in the way of them achieving success. They procrastinate on starting anything because they don’t think they will succeed or rather they think they will fail.

I’ll share one more thing that he talked about in this latest diary entry because it was sad but so true. For many people being able to consistently earn money online whether it’s a few hundred dollars a month or a few thousand could make a dramatic difference to the quality of life of many.

He talked about stress and particularly stress about finance was literally shortening the lives of so many people as well as reducing the quality of many people’s lives.

Money certainly isn’t everything but having money certainly helps in today’s world. So, if you’re looking to make money online and want to get in on the inside track of someone who is highly respected and very successful invest in this program and start putting its principles into action.

$100k in January 2012

We’re midway through the “$100k in January 2012” so jump on board now and leverage Willie Crawford’s knowledge, expertise and wisdom and build your own empire in 2012.